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About is Bible search engine which uses full-text searching with semantic search features, over 16 versions of the Bible.
All translations of the Bible used at has 31102 verses. This means some editorial work has been done to keep all the different versions constant on verses:
Free Bible Version (FBV)
  • Verse REVELATION 12:18 was removed as it was empty (it contained no text) and it is not present in KJV.
  • Verse 3 JOHN 1:15 was combined with 3 JOHN 1:14 (as it is in other Bible versions like KJV). For more information, see
World Messianic Bible British Edition (WMBB)
  • Verses ROMANS 14:24, ROMANS 14:25 and ROMANS 14:26 were moved to the end of ROMANS 16 (verses 25, 26 and 27), as it is in the KJV. For more information, see Wikipedia.

Missing verses

Some translations does not include all the verses found in KJV. Search results and verse comparison for such verses are shown as red notification. For example, see Matthew 17:21.

Copyright and licensing information

Bible versions used at are under Public Domain license, unless mentioned otherwise:
Free Bible Version (FBV) Copyright © 2018 Dr. Jonathan Gallagher. Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 4.0.
Berean Study Bible (BSB) Copyright © 2016, 2020 by Bible Hub. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. - Free Licensing for use in Websites, Apps, Software, and Audio:
For licensing reasons, some popular Bible translations, such as The New International Version and The English Standard Version, can't be used here at


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